Therapeutic Cold/Hot (instant-heat), Reusable, Gel Pads

Lifetime Warranty

If you are cold, or in pain, check out my therapeutic gel pads.

I have cold/hot (instant-heat) gel pads … reusable hundreds of times.  Squeeze the little metal “coin” inside and you  have instant-heat — 130 degrees.  Keep them in your refrigerator and they will be about 35 degrees, ready to use for migraines, sprains, burns, etc.

When you need heat and bend the little “coin” inside the gel pad, the gel immediately turns to crystals that are 130 degrees. This is hot enough to reduce pain, but not hot enough to burn skin.  When you are done, simply boil the gel pads for a few minutes to melt the crystals back to gel.



If you are a massage therapist, chiropractor, physical therapist, run a spa or salon or yoga studio, you can use these gel pads to great advantage in your business.

For more information you can call JoAnne (Crafty) Bell  at 914-805-0715 or email joanne@craftybell.com









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